About Maya

Maya Peron


  • CEO of Attraction symbols
  • Attraction symbols copyrights holder
  • Best selling author of the books:

*Vilinski simboli……ker pridejo prav, Slovenia 2009

*Vilinski simboli. Začni? Včeraj!, Slovenia 2014

*The Secret power of Attraction Symbols, How to change, get and keep everything that you really want to, Canada, FriesenPress 2018

  • Motivational speaker
  • WELL-being solution coach



Her mission is to encourage people and give them strength, hope, knowledge, and the right tools to become the best version of themselves.

She believes that spirituality is closely related to the material world and that it only has true value if we are able to use it in everyday life. 

She has this to say about herself:

From my own private life, I know how it is if there is drama, but also, how triumph, happiness, deep gratitude and success feels like. How it feels like to be in love, to love and be devoted. How business success tastes like, how our financial self-sufficiency affects our self-esteem and how important decisiveness and trustworthiness are at given times. How much easier the paths are if we go along them playfully and without resentment, and how inner peace and a sense of freedom be achieved once we do what we really want to.

For seven years, I was co-owner of a successful company that was involved in financial products. Despite the fact that we achieved excellent results, I never really enjoyed my work, so in 2012 I decided to completely change my business path. My primary field is finance; I’m also a certified NLP practitioner, a certified NLP coach, a certified hypnosis practitioner, an intuitive coach, a motivational speaker and a mediator.

I am currently finishing the internationally certified Robinns Madanes program for life coaching, one of the best in the world. I am the author of books “VILINSKI SIMBOLI Začni? Včeraj! “, “VILINSKI SIMBOLI, Ker pridejo prav”, “THE SECRET POWER OF ATTRACTION SYMBOLS, How to change, get and keep everything that you really want to”, and soon my book in Croatian will also be published “TAJANSTVENA MOČ SIMBOLA ZAKONA PRIVLAČNOSTI, Kako postati, dobiti i imati sve što stvarno želite.”



“Challenges have been given to us in our lives in order for us to grow with them and to become better people.”

I know for SURE that it is possible to find something good in every situation and turn it in our favor and that it is never as bad as it seems at first glance. It does not make sense for us to stock-pile our worries, to accuse ourselves or others and to waste time that should be beautiful. This earthly life is too important and too fleeting. We need to take the necessary steps and know that we have the strength in our hands to change what we can and accept, which cannot be changed.

My mission is to help you live an (even) better life, reconnect with your inner strength and find inner peace. To know yourself and discover your WHYs. To forgive yourself. To love and respect yourself. To be aware of your insignificance and at the same time your greatness. To gather your courage and do what needs to be done. To accept your imperfections, which make you, in fact, perfect.


When your energy changes, everything changes. Solutions? They’re simple. Always! The path to them? Sometimes it gets a bit complicated. Because we are complicating it for ourselves. On the back of my English book, it reads:

Sometimes you just need to say: ”F*ck it!” …..and step up. Today, not tomorrow! It was too much tomorrow already.