Attraction Symbols are our keys to energy, values, abilities, skills, talents and powers, hidden deep within us. They are tools that help us function in harmony with the Law of Attraction. Our connection with these symbols influences our personal development and spiritual growth, but most importantly, they help us attract love, happiness, confidence, health, money, success, harmony, and other life values that we strive for, so we can reach a state of overall abundance.

Attraction symbols help us to become more conscious and more creative. They help us to re-establish contact with our inner self and our faith in the magic of everyday life.

They are the tools that help us connect with the energy of the Universe and activate our own energy system, bringing us exactly to where we should be.

Through attraction symbols, we will raise our vibration, find the way to ourselves, connect with our higher self and through that achieve everything in accordance with our highest purpose.


There are over 200 different symbols; each of them has a different shape, and therefore its very own vibration and a name or mantra, consisting of two words.
The purpose of AS is not to try to influence other people, but to increase our vibration and change ourselves.
Their abuse is not possible.




Through meditation and special techniques, these symbols were created in their material earthly form, in an extremely strong energy field area in a country called Slovenia, several decades ago. I was guided to them and was given the task to be their voice, to spread their value and importance throughout the world and to show people how to help themselves, with all my love, energy, knowledge and with responsibility. I am also the copyright holder. 



In the esoteric world, it has been recognized a long time ago, that apart from the human realm, there are many other realms characterized by different forms of consciousness.


Ancient people, who visited those realms in different ways and were especially connected to them (eg. Mayas, Celts), used to help themselves with different symbols. Most symbols have been lost in the past, but in the recent decades have been making their comeback to our awareness through various channels. As people are beginning to recognize their value, the symbols have become more frequently and widely used. We all strive for warmth and security from the negative experiences of this world, which is the probable drive behind the realization of the importance of alternative energy sources. 

According to an ancient legend, apart from Angels, Elves too played a role in the creation of the planets and the universal parallel worlds. They were creatures of exceptional wisdom, which understood the realm of energy and had the ability to control and focus energy and its flow. In stories and myths, we recognize them by their spiky big ears and lean tall bodies, sharp senses and unusual skills and abilities. Their origin is said to be from the constellation of Pleiades, and their mission on the planet Earth was to assist in its development. Their greatest gift to humanity were Attraction Symbols – keys of energy, which were given to help us deal with the energy we carry within ourselves, to better direct our attention and intention, and to better understand ourselves and the universe.