AS dictionary

Abundance - HALI DOREI

Who doesn’t want wealth and abundance – let it be love, spirituality, money, gold, knowledge or anything else. Hali Dorei is an elfin symbol that brings these qualities to our lives. At the same time it strengthens the sense of material security and casts away fear from poverty, misery and bankrupt.

Action - TIR ABAL

 …helps us to choose pleasant and fulfilling work.

At the same time we will have no problems satisfying our need with our salary. It encourages us to work with delight, because a creative performance at work will always make us happy and never weary. It will enlighten the ones that hesitate about their career and suppress laziness.

Adjustability- DEL KAIRE

If we know how to adapt not only to external but also to internal factors, we are going to understand others and ourselves easier and our life will be complete, without unnecessary friction and shock. The symbol will make us feel more secure and welcome. Del Kaire helps to faster and more effective adaptation to new, unknown or unpleasant circumstances, people or situations.

Attention- LERIA RAVA

When we find ourselves in a confused state of mind, when our thoughts are rambling, it is time to use elfin symbol of attention. It will concentrate us in a centre of perception and help to restore conscious control over actions in us and outside of us. It helps students and pupils to keep track of the lesson.

Attraction - AURUM BEI

…summons the energy accordant with our own personal energy frequency.
Of course we will be much more attractive on the outside, mostly for the people that will help us with fulfilling our mission in life or our destiny.

Awakening - SHIL VENAR

When we live in a apathy-like state of constant repetitive rhythm, with consciousness trapped in a net of the past and plans for the future, in fears, phobias, memories, wishes, expectations and reflections, we miss the real life going on in the centre of present. Shil Venar starts the awakening, we have been waiting for in a state of trance like we were sleeping or vegetating. Spirituality is actually this awakening.

Awakening of psychic abilities (portals of dimensions) - EGLAN VIN

It leads us to the endless extensions of secret knowledge. It can be used effectively only by those who have pure and opened chakras (especially heart chakra), whose level of consciousness exceeded the doorstep of dimension of common reality of primal senses, those whose intention and drive or crystal clear, unspoilt and opened, physical blockades suppressed and sexual energy transformed to the energy of metamorphosis.

Beauty - IRD ANAN

…helps to unleash the beauty inside of us.

It will assist whenever you are in need of seeing the beauty of life, your own beauty and the beauty of others. It will drive away ugly thoughts, complexes and convictions such as not being beautiful enough or our life not being as beautiful as it should be.


It protects pregnant women, women in labour, mothers and foetus from conception to his first day as a child. It also gives birth to fresh ideas and new companies. It gives then the staring boost, so they can fully take advantage of all the possibilities.

Clarity - KLIRA BEI

Spiritual clarity – the clarity of understanding ourselves, other people, and events around us – has always been one of the most fundamental tendencies of the enlightened person. It is recommended to use the symbol of Klira Bei when you long for clear vision, clear sky, or clear goals, or when you wish to drive away the dark clouds and enlighten yourself with deeper understanding.

Communication - KE-LIN

…improves communication.

You should use it whenever you wish to improve a level of your communication. With its help a divine harmony of the same frequencies of communication between two people appears.

Compassion - ALIN ZEL

 Compassion is a form of unconditional love expecting nothing in return. It includes empathy, feeling other people’s emotions, living emotions of others, getting accustomed to others, sense their emotions, but at the same time maintain a complete consciousness of what is going on. Alin Zel opens up the heart for the highest cosmic form of love towards others, us, and all beings in the entire universe. It helps us feel what other people are feeling and enables us to get in touch with our most genuine feelings.

Courage – KLAS NAIR

The Attraction symbol Klas Nair helps us to accept change, go ahead no matter what, and gather the courage to be vulnerable, open, and alive. It also helps to overcome fear of the dentist, spiders, height, or an exam.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to face the situation despite fear.

Creativeness - KATAL KARAN

Creative energy is our greatest blessing and gift because it helps us create everything: our life, our way, our relationships and the things we produce.

Creative expression is the expression of our soul.

Determination - DUR AMI

Whenever we need to accept a decision, we must instantly make it happen, because every delay waters its power and intension. Dur Ami is meant for indecisive people, because it strengthens your will and files away the intention. Indecisive people are usually unsuccessful in business and in love life, but way to often is their indecisiveness a result of an authoritarian up-bringing, lack of self-esteem and self-respect. It is especially beneficent for those in responsible positions, for those whose decisions affect the life, welfare and health of others.

Energy - OUM SHA-IN

…teaches us to understand the energy, to follow it and to strengthen it.

It helps to re-establish the best possible energy balance in material, emotional and mental body. At the same time it alleviates and restores the level of our personal energy. We should always use it when we feel exhausted and we need some extra energy.

Fertility - EILI LIBURI

…encourages fertility of men, animals, plants, fields, ideas and projects.

It effectively dissolves mind patterns of sterility of our actions and fruitlessness of our wanting. It can be used when you feel useless and redundant, when you no longer see the sense and positive results of your actions.

Food –prana - ETA KIVA

… encourages us to joyfully and thoroughly enjoy food – its smell, color, taste, and also the atmosphere and the creative process of food preparation.

This energy symbol helps us to balance our meals, to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, to speed up the metabolism and to consciously take care of a healthy and natural diet for the healthy overall body and mind.

Forgiveness and oblivion - ULUR BAROL

To be used when we feel the weight of unforgiven resentments, when we are trapped in the vicious circle of ruminating same situations, that causes a sense of injustice and soreness. It leads us to the blissful oblivion, but in a way for our mind to be overwhelmed with love and understanding. We forgive with compassion and in the way become more susceptible to higher energies.

Freedom - ILIM MILEI

It helps us when we are involved in sticky nets of dependence, attachment and other chains that limit our natural state of freedom. We use it also with addictions to alcohol, drugs or relationships.

Friendship - KAL DARAN

Friendship is a form of unconditional love, a bridge between the essences of two or more beings.
If you wish to clarify, revalue, strengthen and improve your existing friendships or to summon the shine of new ones, use the elfin symbol Kal Daran.


…encourages us to achieve our goals.

It will take care of your decisive defending of the goals you’ve set, not having to fight for them in a tiresome, lengthy, painful or even violent way. Relaxed but persistent alignment and activity achieve more than a fight full of inner and outer tensions.

Gracefulness - ALEI ADAL

 …leads the way to the world of never-ending grace.

Everyday rough contours and sharp edges can hurt us, affect us or make us completely unperceptive and numb for the immense beauty of the world around us. Alei Adal contains the attraction essence which sooths all the roughness and sharpness connected to arguing, dissolves harshness and brings the feeling of unearthly grace to objects, animals, people and actions.

Gratitude - TAL ATAN

…reawakens gratitude in us and around us.

We should use it on us and people around us to gradually evoke blissful effects of gratitude. When we start to appreciate and cherish what we’ve got, we become open to new flows of positive energy running through us, washing away most of our troubles, pain and inconveniences.

Growth and development - SHIIR MING

…helps us to grow and develop ourselves.

Growth means to be opened for changes and new experiences. It represents fearless receiving and giving yourself to the light. Fear is an important factor that often disables our personal growth unless we confront with it and overcome it with love and courage. The symbol encourages healthy ambition and expands horizons of inner knowledge.

Happiness - KALER ADALI

Kaler Adali is a symbol of pure positive energy which is symbolized by a vertical of power with an intersection of present moment placed in the middle. The focus of the symbol reminds us that happiness is a current state of mind. It cannot be transferred into the past or future, but springs from a full awareness and unity with the universe at the given moment. In the present moment, we are the masters of our fate and we hold the keys to our own happiness which can only flow back and forth from here and now. The symbol helps us to keep up with positive emotional and mental attitude which attracts happiness into our lives and helps us retain it.

Harmony - SHANI TAER

…it aids when we long for the divine harmony in life.

It is especially efficient with balancing our hormone system and with harmonizing different actions of chakras. We should use it, when we wish to sound with the concord of nature and to reveal and re-establish balance in our life.


…is a symbol for fast and complete healing of bones, tissues, substances and relations.

It will activate, harmonize and invigorate our immune system, increase stocks of our life energy and make our fractures and wounds heal faster. It also helps a broken-hearted person and heals wounds and scratches in our mutual relationships.

Health - OLAN REI

It helps with the whole process of healing; it starts it and leads the patient to the complete recovery. We should use it to improve the general health of the body, to rebalance our system and to prevent us from getting ill.


The symbol helps us distinguish when we are really helping someone selflessly, and when we are acting due to a need to persuade ourselves that we are a “good person”.
We use it when we are in a situation that calls for a knight – the saviour. It is a powerful symbol that summons the saviour from within us.


…leads us home.

It quickens purifying of the energy of home, it harmonizes, protects and shields and takes care of a better feeling when we are at home. It also helps us obtain a housing loan and eases a successful sale or replacement of our housing, given that this is in the highest interest of all involved.

Humor - ELID AR

People with no sense of humor are dull, while their unfounded and exaggerated earnestness and seriousness are blocking their spiritual progress. A cheerful smile and healthy laughter have beneficial effect on the entire energy system.

Intuition - BIR NARAN

…starts linking with intuition within us and strengthens that infallible inner voice.

On the crossroads of our paths of life there is always a soft and subtle voice of our intuition, that inner guide we so often do not respond to. In case we too often overlook it, it fades from our consciousness and it gets harder to get in touch with it again. If we pay enough attention to messages of intuition, they grow stronger and are easier to perceive.

Intention - NET ALU

…it embodies actions of free will, directed straight to the realization of our goals.

In sweeps all doubts away and teaches us that doubt is the worst state of mind and free will a freeing path, the fastest one out of the undesired state in which we loose precious energy.


The symbol is to be used for exceeding negative emotional state of depression and melancholy. It effectively works against despondency, apathy and bitterness. It also helps us to open our crown chakra or to purify heart chakra.

Kindness - ILON BAR

…it summons the energy of kindness to our life.
Deep inside of us we have unlimited stockpiles of pure kindness and unconditional love that longs for coming to the surface. They will be awakened by Ilon Bar that the clairvoyant people on the ethereal level perceive as a cute pink cloud. When with us we can sense the soft pink cloud of energy around us that defends us from unwanted unkindness.

Light - LUM NUT

…it opens the joy of vision and light of cognition.

We all need light in our lives. To see, grow and blossom, to cast away negative condition of body, emotions and mind, to enlighten dark and complicated situations, in which we are trapped and to abolish evil in our world. The symbol will lead us through the darkness of negative mental and emotional patterns to the light of love.

Lightness - TAIR LAHIRI

…it loosens ties and blockades in your body; it takes off heavy burdens you have taken upon yourself and fills you with lightness and joy.

You should use it when your actions are full of tension, stress and disproportionate amount of effort given. It radically changes your life, because with its help you will proceed with things enthusiastically and perceive them in a positive way.

Learning - ULIM SHIN

We face studying daily, because it is a never-ending process. Ulim Shin helps us to understand what we learn… The use of Ulim Shin turns learning into a fun game, which opens up endless possibilities for acceptance new things in our lives. It can be used to effectively pass exams, courses, tests, and also for resolving karmic lessons.


Amar Nat is designed to invite an abundance of love into our life and to pervade us completely with its divine vibration. Love gives our life a new meaning and its true value. Love transforms us, elevates us and brings out the best in us. It reconnects us with our deepest inner self, which begins to flourish and glow.


…it increases magic and power of magical words, incantations, rituals and objects.

If you use Attraction magical spells and enchantments, if you believe that the power of intention can change the world at our own will, then use Tirs Arani and add some magic to your life. Apply a pinch of feasibility to the seemingly impossible, which will strew you actions and their results like stardust.

Magician's advice - ANEN RAVEL

…with it we summon the power of the universe, wisdom of our heart and omniscience of our intuition.

In distress and troubles that the fast pace of everyday life brings, we sometimes need a real advice that helps us to extricate ourselves from emotional and mental whirls in which we are frequently involved. That is the right time to be given an advice from the wise and ancient druidical magicians.

Mastery - SILHU KHAI

…leads us to the state of mastery.

It unlocks our wide possibilities, gifts, talents, skills and potential, so you can truly develop it and use it in the best way. Your abilities are going to blossom to the limit of possible, to the limits you have set for yourself. And also those can be exceeded with Silhu Khai.

Materialization - MAGELAN RO

Magelan Ro should only be used when you are certain you are ready to face the new energy, because it encourages a conscious transfer of energy into the physical world. The ability to materialize our dreams and visions already exists within us. The Attraction symbol of materialization reawakens it and strengthens our trust in it. Be careful what you choose to materialize!

Meditation - ZAN HAILI

…helps to reach meditative experience with the least effort.

We should use it before every meditation or whenever we choose to face a deeper cognitive experience of higher consciousness or to engage in ourselves. It eases the still sitting in one place, because it arms us with patience, persistence and inner peace and helps to reach meditative state of empowered and extended consciousness faster.

Memory - PIL AREI

To be used when we need to remember something very important to us. If our consciousness isn’t on a level, when our appeal would be beneficial, it will help to expand our consciousness and take care of the information coming in time.

Miracle - ERAH ANU

…brings miracles to our lives.

It expands limits of our consciousness and suppresses boundaries of possible. Erah anu inspires us to revalue our world and accept the possibility that magical, unusual and blissful things exist. The symbol also suppresses the feeling of feebleness and awakens hope.

Money, Income - AMALI DOARE

…attracts money to our life.

It sharpens us in the world of financial transactions; it opens us to welcoming goods and melts mind patterns of limiting, stinginess and fear from poverty.

Movement - ALOR ZEI

…moves things from standstill, revitalizes them, restores them and brings them to life.

Its energy will encourage us to exercise, to move the material, emotional and mental body; it increases our flexibility and flexibility of joints, muscles and skin. At the same time it accelerates the flow of our body fluids, lymph, blood, hormones and invites us to a long, agitated and playful walk in the nature, where everything pulsates, moves and undulates.

New beginning - ILUR DANAI

We should use it whenever we want to start something new, fresh and different. It can be a start of a relationship, new friendship, birth of a child, new job, new way of living, thinking, business project and alike. The symbol will attract the energy that we need to start over. It will ooze the energy in a perfect measure for our life and action.

Openness - ULAN VEN

It helps us in difficult times, when we become introverted, caught in our own world and let go ourselves to despondency, bitterness and melancholy. But it has other beneficial features and means of use. It opens the doors of mystery, new possibilities, new ways and enables access to hidden or somnambulant abilities in us. It expands visions, opens blurred chakras and clogged energy canals. It also opens our third eye. The usefulness of this attraction symbol is practically unlimited.

Patience - ASTRAB AN

To be used in case of restlessness caused by chronicle or temporary impatience. At the same time it is a symbol of deep inner fulfilment. When its energy affects our aura, its relaxed patience beneficently soothes nerve system and deals with maleficent effects of stress.


…brings peace to everyone around us.

Palm Solan emits pleasant, soothing and calming energy which harmonizes all of our bodies (the physical, astral and mental) and connects us with the oasis of endless inner peace in our spiritual heart. It brings peace into relationships, among people, among various kingdoms and dimensions of existence.

Playfulness - LOR ULEI

…helps us to reconnect with the playful and creative child inside.

If you find yourself in a serious, uncreative environment that might even lead to despair, it is time to use attraction symbol of playfulness. With playfulness you also gain litheness, flow, adaptability and patience. It opens new extensions in the field of creativity.


…helps us to reconnect with the playful and creative child inside.

If you find yourself in a serious, uncreative environment that might even lead to despair, it is time to use attraction symbol of playfulness. With playfulness you also gain litheness, flow, adaptability and patience. It opens new extensions in the field of creativity.

Power / Strength - PIN ANAR

…it awakens the most secret stockpile of energy in us.

It dissolves the sense of being powerless and in despair; it brings sense to what appeared to be a wasted life and restores the power in sick, defeated and suffering. At first it embodied the power of the spirit, united with the light of wisdom, but with time it changed also to a symbol for strengthening physically, for invigorating reputation and for the access to transcendental abilities, especially to telepathy, telekinesis and miracle-healing.


…helps us with cleaning.

It is going to help us not only with purifying our minds, but also with keeping our apartment and body clean. With its assistance we are going to excrete poisons from our organism, take care of the ecologically savvy surroundings and purify our astral body and protect it from negative emotions. The effect of the attraction symbol of purity can be strengthened with essential oils of cedar and sage.

Reconciliation - GALEN DANAR

Helps us to free ourselves from weight and pain and suffering from hatred and resentments and starts the flow of energies that have been congested and now want to break free and flow to the abyss of oblivion.
When we forgive to everyone that has hurt us deeply, we find ourselves again.

Responsibility - HAG RAZAL

Only when deep down we completely accept responsibility for our actions and everything happening to us, we can become complete masters of our own destiny and successful designers of our life. No one else is thinking our mind or creating our lessons on a higher level. Responsibility us the power to change and provides us with the energy required for a complete transformation of our lives.

Rest, sleep, relaxation - ENDRA GAR

While sleeping, we consciously or unconsciously enter other dimension, which strengthens our senses and refreshes our mind. There are also other influences that effect on quality of our sleep. If the place where we sleep is to hot or cold, too bright, too noisy, we do not get a good night sleep and consequences can be long term. Endra Gar contains the proper vibration, which attunes the space with energies of rest, calmness, and deep relaxation.

Safety and Protection - TARIN ALB

It is an extremely powerful symbol, which creates an energy shield around its user by allowing only love, light and positive energy from the external world to penetrate its interior.
We use Tarin Alb to protect ourselves and the space. If we place it on a night cabinet or under a pillow, it protects us against nightmares. It is particularly recommended for drivers and motorcyclists.

Self-confidence - NIA TAR

…helps to alleviate the level of consciousness and self-confidence.

With its help we get to realize the meaning of self-confidence and to rediscover in its lack the real cause of our problems that we can later solve easier and faster.

Sensuality - PELER NIM

…helps us to get in touch with our primal sensations.

The Attraction symbol of sensuality encourages wakefulness, alertness and it sharpens our senses. It should be used by those who have suppressed and subordinated their sexuality to the goals they believed were more important, higher and purer.

Shrinking - SHIR TRIN

…is meant for reduction and vanishing, but we can also use it to loose weight.

The symbol helps to reduce and diminish what we don’t like, what disturbs us, harms us or in some other way hinders our personal development and spiritual growth. We can start diminishing our problems, pain and inconveniences until they are finally gone. It is also must useful with losing weight.

Simplicity- TELEIA INA

It lets us know that the highest form of beauty and satisfaction can be found in simple, natural and everyday things. Even though they are simple, they are definitely not self-evident or obvious. When we give ourselves to them with all our heart and love, we find an extreme depth inside that enriches and blesses us. Simplicity is a value exuberating ease and naturalness of being. The deepest are also the simplest truths. When we feel confusion and unnecessary complicating, we use Teleia Ina to pierce the thick fog of delusions, ossified patterns and limited convictions and to restore the order in our minds.

Successes - TIR KAIRI

Tir Kairi helps us acquire a new notion of success and move us in the circle of winners. New, unimagined opportunities open up in front of us while we magnetically attract the energy of success in our lives. Tir Kairi dissolves harmful thinking patterns of failure, which we have mostly obtained during the earliest periods of our lives.

Sword against negativity, Ailahs golden needle -SANVEIL TEI AILAH

…is an energy sword of light dealing with all sorts of negativity.

It awakens the ability to stand our ground in a critical moment, to fight the dark temptations of harmful influences with our own will and to clarify the path of our heart towards freedom, light, dreams and desires. It can be used effectively against nightmares, fears, phobias and the sense of threat.

Tenderness - LIG ULAI

Is not meant only for lover who desire gentle tenderness beside passion, but also for those who have manage to make their life strong and solid, but have consequently lost the touch with their softer side or have sensed dislike towards tenderness. The symbol awakens love and dissolves any violence.

Time Management - KAR ALAI

To be used against being constantly late, to dissolve harmful convictions of growing old, to overcoming stress and lack of time and to optimally arrange the time given. With this symbol we are always in the right place at the right time.

Trust - ELAM LIN

With the help of Elam Lin’s energy we learn to trust the process of life that supports us and brings us good and positive experiences despite the possible ebb and flow in its course. Elam Lin teaches us that trust not related to logic or mind. It is by nature, a state of the spirit. All our acts, spoken words, emotions, thoughts, situations that we experience are but a small particle of a glorious mosaic of endless love. We have to trust others, the universe, and mostly – ourselves.

Understanding - MER INLAN

We often forget that we are not summoned to this world to judge, measure, condemn and classify. We are here to understand with our love and compassion. With Mer Inlan anyone can expand, deepens and ventilates his level of understanding if he chooses to.


…is the key to the forgotten sense of unity.

We should use it when we feel detached and lonely. It reawakens the joyful link to everything in existence. It helps to convey in us a sense of universal unity. Unity is being one the universe, with everyone and everything that exists, existed and will exist, because everything and everyone are built from the same tiny bits of energy.

Vigour - RIA MUI

…actuates us into unstoppable energy of motion.

It makes us unstoppable, uncatchable, free, focused and decisive. We will no longer be tepid idlers, eternal waverers and perpetual lingers. Our power will be awake in all its perfection, completely active and programmed to enjoy the changing of our world to better. It also awakens passion and excitement and easily overcomes the vicious circle of despair and apathy. It gives courage and caringly encourages our originality.

Wholeness - AMONT DOR

…brings us the blessing of integrity.

When we loose a sense of being confident, complete unit of consciousness, worthy of love and trust, when we fear challenges of life, when people around us abuse our energy and when trust in the universe, ourselves and people around us abandons us, it is time to use the Attraction symbol of wholeness. With its help we can cheerfully let ourselves go with the flow of life, powerful and majestic, as we are once more whole and complete.


…puts us near to the divine wisdom that helps to see the greater image of what’s happening and also higher sense of being.

We should use it when we want to ease ourselves the access to the higher knowledge and understanding, when we are in a need for advice or when we wish to help the others with it.


…brings the energy of kindness to our world.

Everyone in touch with key of kindness sense an awakening of genuine, honest kindness of a heart, warmth, tenderness, unconditional love, compassion, consolation and light. It teaches that we are worthy of kindness and brings warm, genuine and good people to us.


…is a hardened sceptre of regeneration.

Most people are convinced that after reaching a certain age we are supposed to be old and tired. The Attraction symbol for youth and rejuvenation can help us to change our way of thinking and become rejuvenated.