Connection with symbols influences personal development and spiritual growth, but most importantly, they help attract love, happiness, confidence, health, money, success, harmony, and other life values that we strive for in our quest to reach overall abundance. They:


  • raise our vibration
  • remove energy blocks
  • improve communication and relationships
  • attract the right people and the right situations into our lives
  • energize us to support us in achieving our goals
  • prepare us so we can begin to consciously live in the here and now, and create our own future
  • help us magnetize an idea, so we can consciously open ourselves to our selected energy and anchor it into the material world
  • work on our unconscious, so the mind does not hinder their functioning
  • help us keep focus – where the energy goes, there will be a manifestation
Their energy also acts as a laser beam: it focuses attention, energy and light, and resonates with the right half of the brain and strengthens it.

Anchors help us remember the feelings and intentions, with which we used them, this in turn, brings us back to pleasant sensations and brings our focus back in the right direction. They are gifts, with which we tell our loved ones what we want fo them and help energize them on their way. Let us not forget to first gift ourselves! 

When we change our frequency, we change everything around us, and this way, we also help to raise the vibration or our mother Earth.

So much of what we perceive as a problem is merely a negative thought pattern. Attraction Symbols are tools for working with energy; they channel the Law of Attraction to help us shift our focus from problems to solutions. No matter which symbol we would use, the symbols would shift the core of energy to our awareness of self and enhance every aspect of our life to a positive outcome, but given their specific focuses, they would emphasize their symbol’s vibration as well. 

silhouette of handsome asian man praying.

Over time, people have become aware of the fact that it is pointless to seek emotional abundance outside of one’s self. Health, happiness, success, love, abundance and safety, all these values are hidden within us and become available to us the moment we become emotionally aware of our true self.

Our energy’s vibration, willpower and faith are the driving forces for us to decide on the quality of life we want to live.

We need to activate our inner self and balance it with who we have become in this lifetime. That will allow our focus to prevail and drive us towards what we desire.

“The power is in you” has been one of the most frequently quoted statements in the past few decades and it has proven to be true every time. The power of positive thinking and its energy is widely known and repeatedly proven. Healers, priests, gurus and scholars are teaching us that the power we use to solve problems (whether it be emotional, physical or material in nature), is ultimately within us.

Constant stress, pressure and difficulties every person experiences, often create a blockage that worsens with feelings of powerlessness. People often find no way out of their problems and because of that, they repeatedly get thrown back into the same vicious cycle that they have been in before, where the negative experiences begin to accumulate.

A shift in consciousness through a diversion of attention to a different mind pattern can be achieved with the use of Attraction symbols, which are keys of energy and give off vibrations of love, wisdom and light. They open a path for the positive energy to flow; this helps us to be in harmony with our desired vibration and through that, we attract the desired experiences into our lives.

Attraction Symbols help us to stay in alignment with our desired vibration, they awaken our innate abilities in a very gentle and simple way and with that we activate our potential to create our life the way we desire it to be.
As they unlock our energy, they effectively remove all obstacles in our way. Our connection with symbols influences personal development and spiritual growth, but most importantly they help attract love, happiness, confidence, health, money, success, harmony, and other life values that we strive for in reaching our overall abundance.

Attraction Symbols represent one of the ways to forever change your view of the world and thus change your life for the better. They are intended for all those who understand or want to understand energy, for those who do not leave anything to coincidence, those who consciously take responsibility for their lives and actively shape their own destiny.Attraction Symbols can be a wonderful gift, providing the gifted person with the right energy support and vibrational information they need. We can use them as reminders or “anchors” (anyone familiar with neuro-linguistic programming will know exactly what I mean), but we can also use them to work intensively on ourselves and experience phenomenal breakthroughs and transformations.

Symbols operate on different levels, for example, we can use the symbol for love (AMAR NAT) to recognize our life-companion, improve our existing relationship, improve communication with someone we love, or begin to love ourselves. Any symbol can also be supported by energy from other symbols. For example; the symbol for money (AMALI DORE) which does not only increase the actual money flow, but also influences the elimination of negative emotions (our prejudices and negative beliefs) we are often not even aware of having, and yet they significantly affect our financial status.

There is a wide variety of symbols to choose from, everyone can find one for themselves, such the symbol for health, success, happiness, etc…

The possibilities from using Attraction Symbols are endless, what is most important is that the use of these symbols makes us feel good and that its vibration attracts and pleases us. We all have our “inner guide”, which tells us exactly what is good for us and what is not. It is up to us to learn to hear it, and act on it!
Attraction Symbols operate on a physical, astral, mental and spiritual body, they teach us to live consciously.