The Secret Power of Attraction Symbols

Why some people try so hard, for such a long time, to get more money, to be happy, loved, healthy, confident, free, safe or successful and still, their plans and goals slip through their hands over and over again?
And why some people reach everything they want so easily, live a full life, have a loving relationships and never worry about money, unresolved problems and reach their goals playfully and with joy?

ATTRACTION SYMBOLS can change your life to the point that you just start wondering what happened.
77 symbols are in this book. They have influence on the various areas of our life. Every single one is different and has its own energy. Symbols have different shapes, are composed of different parts and have their own mantra and vibration that helps us to fall in line with the chosen energy in the universe and to attract everything we really want.
Are you going to do step forward and begin to dictate your destiny and
preserve everything that is beautiful or you are going to »wait a little bit more«?