Tattoo with Attraction symbol – pack of 5


Let’s decorate your skin with the extra energetic support of five different symbols in the form of a temporary tattoo. The pack of 5 contains selected elf symbols, namely:

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Health 
  • Courage
  • Success




Love – Amar Nat

The symbol aligns you with the energy of love, drawing it into your life and surrounding you with it. Love is the most important thing in the world because it is connected to everything you are, everything you do and everything you have in your life. It affects all levels of your being and cannot be overwhelmed. What you truly love grows and blossoms, what you do not feel love for will not thrive. Amar Nat helps you to overcome the problems caused by fear and harmful beliefs that were implanted in you at an early age and which make you unable or unwilling to love yourself, resulting in poor self-image, lack of self-confidence and unsatisfying or conflicting relationships with others.


The vibration of the Happiness symbol – Kaler Adali reminds you at every moment that it is only you, here and now, who decides your destiny. It reminds you at every moment that the consequences of your choices are like a wave that flows forward and flows back. Kaler Adali is a record of pure positive energy, represented by a vertical line of power with the present moment intersection in the centre. Its focal point reminds us that happiness is a momentary state of mind that cannot be carried into the past or the future, but comes from full awareness and oneness with the universe in this very moment that we are breathing right now.




The Symbol of Health – Olan Rei encompasses the entire healing process that it initiates, and at the same time the ultimate goal of complete healing. It is used to improve the overall health of all bodies (material, astral, mental and spiritual), to restore a healthy balance in the body.







Success – Tir Kairi helps us to learn a new concept of success and moves us into the winner’s circle. New, unsuspected opportunities open up before us and we magnetically attract the energy of success into our lives. It dissolves the harmful thought patterns of failure that we have mostly received in the earliest stages of life.









We need courage to make choices and live freely as we wish. Attraction symbol Courage – Klas

 Nair helps us to embrace change, to go forward no matter what and to have courage, to be vulnerable, open, alive.





Applying the temporary tattoo: the skin must be clean, non-greasy and free of make-up. Remove the top protective transparent layer. Press the tattoo firmly onto dry skin (with the design facing downwards). Press a wet cloth on the reverse side and make sure that the tattoo is completely wet. Wait 30 seconds (do not rush), then gently remove the paper. Rinse gently with water for better effect. Allow the tattoo to dry. The tattoo is waterproof.

Removing the tattoo: Apply rubbing alcohol or baby oil to the tattoo. Wait 10 seconds and then remove with cotton wool.

Tattoos are certified and comply with the EU Cosmetics Directive.

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