Attraction symbol Bracelet


Attraction symbol bracelets are more than just a fashion accessory. An energy boost and a reminder at every step. They are suitable for everyday use, but also make a wonderfully unique gift with a high message value.



Attraction symbol Bracelet

Attraction symbol Bracelet is more than just a fashion accessory. An energy boost and a reminder every step of the way. Suitable for everyday use, it also makes a wonderfully unique gift with a high message value. Choose from the following symbols

  • Love – Amar Nat

The symbol aligns you with the energy of love, drawing it into your life and surrounding you with it. Love is the most important thing in the world because it is connected to everything you are, everything you do and everything you have in your life. It affects all levels of your being and cannot be overwhelmed. What you truly love grows and blossoms, what you do not feel love for will not thrive.
Amar Nat helps you to overcome the problems caused by fear and harmful beliefs that were implanted in you at an early age and which make you unable or incapable of loving yourself, resulting in poor self-image, lack of self-confidence and unsatisfactory or conflicting relationships with others.
It also helps you to love your body, which has an impact on your physical and mental health, as well as your hormonal balance.

  • Safety and Protection – Tarin Alb

Security is the feeling of knowing that we can be at peace within ourselves. We look to the future with optimism, we are not afraid of the environment or of entering into relationships with different people. It is that inner knowing that all is well and that tomorrow will also be filled with the things we want and can handle. A person who does not have a satisfied sense of security is always looking for it. He does not find peace within himself and, despite his desire and effort, he finds it very difficult to build quality and lasting relationships.

The symbol of the Tarin Alb creates an energy shield around you. Only love and light, and positive energy from the outside world, can penetrate inside. It activates courage within you, which grows to be able to dissolve unwanted layers of fear and negative thought patterns. A sense of security is one of the basic needs of life and is the foundation for the development of personal strength. Tarin Alb increases the feeling of security and has a beneficial effect on anxiety and various anxiety conditions.


Every  symbol has a mantra!


  • Health – Olan Rei

The symbol of health encompasses the entire healing process it triggers and, at the same time, the ultimate goal of a complete cure. It is used to improve the general state of health of all bodies (material, astral, mental and spiritual), to restore a healthy balance in the body (especially at the level of the endocrine gland system) and to prevent the onset of disease (preventive).

  • Wealth – Altres Atari

Through the symbol of Altres Etari, we attract into our lives all the material things that are necessary to feel personal fulfilment, well-being, success, harmony and inner peace.

  • Success – Tir Kairi

Tir Kairi helps us to learn a new concept of success and moves us into the winner’s circle. New, unsuspected opportunities open up before us and we magnetically attract the energy of success into our lives. It dissolves the harmful thought patterns of failure that we have mostly received in the earliest stages of life.
It reinforces in our minds the consciousness of a winner, who cannot fail at anything if he directs the energy of his attention in the right direction.

  • Happiness – Kaler Adali

Happiness is not an emotion, it is a decision. In psychology, happiness is understood as a mental or emotional state of well-being, characterised by a range of pleasurable feelings and emotions, from contentment to joy.
The vibration of the Kaler Adali symbol reminds you at every moment that it is only you, here and now, who decides your destiny. It reminds you at every moment that the consequences of your choices are like a wave that flows forward and flows back.

Its energy helps you to consciously engage in things that evoke pleasant feelings in you and to recall more pleasant than unpleasant events and situations. When you consciously direct your focus towards the pleasant, this has a significant effect on your inner feelings and states. By thinking about what and where your happiness is, your choices will always be the right ones and all your relationships will improve (in a 75-year study, it has been proven that it is the relationships you have with each other that are the most important for happiness).

Attraction symbol bracelet – more than just a fashion accessory!


  • Courage – Klas Nair

We need courage to make choices and live freely as we wish. The Attraction symbol Klas Nair helps us to embrace change, to go forward no matter what, and to have courage, to be vulnerable, open, alive.

  • Harmony – Shani Taer

It is a symbol that helps you to harmonise your life, as everything in nature tends towards balance. It helps you to harmonise your physical body, intellect, emotions and soul – the basis for personal growth. It also has an excellent influence on the relationships between work and play, service and spending, helpfulness and putting yourself first. It also works between activity and rest, and affects all kinds of relationships by taking the edge off and raising the quality.

  • Earth – Eor Kli

It helps us to realise our plans and ideas, because it symbolises the process of grounding ideas, thoughts, dreams, projects… It helps us to strengthen our connection with our material body and the earth we live on, and also to connect more fully with our body. At the same time, the bracelet’s energy also helps Mother Earth to survive and recover more easily from all that we do to her.

  • Victory – Mon Teroa

The symbol wins, reinforcing the vision of a successful man in your mind. It helps you to overcome thought patterns and limiting beliefs that hinder you on the winning path to your goals.


  • Fertility – Eili Liburi

May the symbol of fertility help to open the door to the constructive and creative energy of fertility and childbearing, which creates ever new forms of life. Use it also when you feel useless and redundant, when you cannot find meaning and positive consequences in your activities, when your everyday moments seem to be passing by in a vacuum. 


  • Growth – Shiir Ming

Shiir Ming means expansion, joyfully expanding in the most positive direction, optimal growth and harmonious development. Our deepest self yearns to learn, refine, expand and evolve, both spiritually and personally.  Growth is related to quantity, measure, and expansion, and development is related to breakdown, complexity and efficiency, to wisdom and awareness. Sometimes unfavourable life conditions, circumstances, thought patterns and limiting beliefs prevent natural development. Energy stops, the flow is shut off and the result is sickness, pain, dissatisfaction, unfulfilment, disharmony, stunted and unexpressed abilities, decay, decline and so on. If we want to grow forever, we have to believe in ourselves and trust in the Universe.


  • Svoboda – Ilim Milei

We humans are free-willed beings who can most openly express our abilities and gifts when we live in an atmosphere of total light, freedom, non-attachment and independence. Everyone gets caught in the sticky webs of addictions, attachments and other shackles that limit our natural state of freedom. Sometimes we are addicted to a cup of coffee, others suffer from bondage to alcohol, various substances or partner relationships. Emotional freedom means that we dispose of our emotions, accept them and to some extent manage them, rather than letting them manage our lives. That is to say, when something happens to you, you are able to recognise and accept that current emotion, neutralise it or even transform it into a more positive emotion. Ilim Milei works towards dissolving and dissolving all forms of involuntary bondage to habits, customs, substances, people and relationships.

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Victory, Courage, Happiness, Love, Harmony, Earth, Safety and Protection, Success, Wealth, Health, Fertility, Growth, Freedom

Color of string

Red, Black

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