Attraction Symbols

Things can change….when we become aware

With Symbols to Better Life!

Attraction Symbols are exceptional energy support, they are suitable for everyone, no prior knowledge and experience is required, and their abuse is not possible. With them, we primarily influence ourselves and change our vibration, and consequently, we also change the vibration of everyone and everything that is connected to us in any way.

In order to help with personal transformations and to raise the vibration of the planet, they were designed through meditation and special techniques in the ’80s of the previous century and are copyrighted.

There are over 200 different symbols; each of them has a different shape, and therefore its very own vibration and a name or mantra, consisting of two words. The purpose of Attraction Symbols is not to try to influence other people, but to increase our vibration and change ourselves.
Their abuse is not possible.

Embrace your life. Step up. Be you

Attraction Symbols

raise our vibration

remove energy blocks

improve communication and relationships

attract the right things into our lives

energize us

help us magnetize an idea

work on our unconscious

help us keep focus

Attraction Symbols collection

They are source of hope, strength and the energy support to realize one’s dreams


Maya Peron


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